Judgment Release: The Gateway to Unity Consciousness 


When we look at the world through a third dimensional perspective we are observing mainly through the lens of separation and hierarchy. The lessons native to this dimension all revolve around becoming sovereign. This is done by embodying our higher self—a journey that involves developing discernment to such a degree that it fuses us with our higher operating system: intuition.

However there is one thing that can easily block us from aligning with our higher self and that is our resistance to surrendering judgments. The amount of division in 3D inherently comes with several judgments that limit our ability to directly experience higher states of consciousness.

In fact not only do all our judgments hinder us from shifting into a higher state of consciousness such as Unity Consciousness, they also keep us in an Us vs. Them mentality that perpetuates the Us vs. Them reality.

What does everyone have in common no matter what side of the chessboard they find themselves on?

They all mirror back to each other judgment.

A state of consciousness is a matter of perception, awareness and focus. If we are predominantly focused on division and differences then we are going to see things in there most fearful interpretation which leads us to feel victimized.

Unity Consciousness is a whole mind/body/heart shift into the recognition of all of creation being varied expressions of Spirit that come from one source energy. This state of consciousness continues to unfold within us deeper in stages.

In Unity Consciousness there is still differentiation but without the density that the illusion of separation often comes with, just like there is still polarity but it is not near as crass, it’s complimentary.

Living as the embodiment of this expanded state of consciousness is not something we wait for the world to attain first, but it is how we bring more compassion, acceptance and understanding as offerings to a world still stuck in opposition.

A shift into this paradigm is done by healing our judgments so that we can walk as the breathing blueprint of Peace incarnate by being at peace within.

Judgment is what fuels denial and denial is one hell of a drug.

Denial is what keeps unconsciousness firmly intact.

Another way of saying this is, to keep a world unconscious is to keep them busy with judgments because judgments not only deter us from healing uncomfortable emotions and facing the fears held inside the judgments, but they also keep us from creating unity within ourselves.

This is why judgments are the primary block to expanding our awareness and becoming more unconditional.

It is important to keep in mind that when we are working with judgment release we are working with the internal polarity first.

If we try to be less judgmental of others without healing our own judgments toward Self, we will end up only suppressing them and carrying more judgments for having judgments and the plot thickens without anyone becoming wiser.

Healing our judgments of Self is how we create true unconditional love. We meet ourselves with compassion and acceptance before we can interact from that place with the world.

Being at peace within ourselves doesn’t mean we need to feel at peace. It means we can allow ourselves to have whatever experience we are having without the added pressure of reacting to it.

When we are in judgment we are taken out of whatever experience we are having to point out how wrong we are for feeling the way we feel or being in the experience we are currently in.

We can see that judgments are inherently tied to a perception of wrongness.

So we can start healing our judgments by asking ourselves a simple question whenever we feel a way we wish we didn’t feel or get lost inside our most unwanted beliefs and thought patterns: “Why is this wrong?”

Although this sounds negatively worded as if we are focused on a belief or feeling being wrong, what this is actually doing is helping us bring us into a state of neutrality about whatever we are experiencing.

When we are able to receive ourselves without the pressure that can sometimes come from either being positive or negatively inclined, we can just ask ourselves “why is this wrong?” in order to discover whatever judgments we hold.

 Sometimes we evolve quicker than our emotions can keep up with and in instances where we want to balance the body with the mind faster than the body is able to process, we begin to get in our own way by judging ourselves.

When we want to feel clarity but instead we feel confused or fearful of what the future will be like instead of happily rooted in this moment, we need to surrender our preference by lovingly asking ourselves “why is this wrong?” to uncover what judgments are lacking our loving acceptance.

This collapses any internal struggle for power we are having within and allows us to nurture our emotions rather than compete with them.

Unity Consciousness is the integration of the masculine and feminine creative energies. When we are able to receive ourselves without fearing that the way we are is wrong, then we can start to soften into the oneness within ourselves that is neither overly identified with the mind nor disconnected from its emotions but is balanced through compassion.

This level of compassion is projected outward without you having to approve of how the world still acts, becoming a doormat for unconsciousness to walk all over, or stepping out of your personal integrity.

This is a state of being that effortlessly emanates on behalf of the wholeness that you are. The more judgments that are healed, the more space is created for liberation and joy.



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  1. Beautiful. This found me at a perfect time in which I have been concerned with internal judgments of others that have been frequenting my thoughts. This will be a recurring read for me.

    Peace and thanks for your words.

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