Judgment Release: The Gateway to Unity Consciousness 


When we look at the world through a third dimensional perspective we are observing mainly through the lens of separation and hierarchy. The lessons native to this dimension all revolve around becoming sovereign. This is done by embodying our higher self—a journey that involves developing discernment to such a degree that it fuses us with our higher operating system: intuition.

However there is one thing that can easily block us from aligning with our higher self and that is our resistance to surrendering judgments. The amount of division in 3D inherently comes with several judgments that limit our ability to directly experience higher states of consciousness.

In fact not only do all our judgments hinder us from shifting into a higher state of consciousness such as Unity Consciousness, they also keep us in an Us vs. Them mentality that perpetuates the Us vs. Them reality.

What does everyone have in common no matter what side of the chessboard they find themselves on?

They all mirror back to each other judgment.

A state of consciousness is a matter of perception, awareness and focus. If we are predominantly focused on division and differences then we are going to see things in there most fearful interpretation which leads us to feel victimized.

Unity Consciousness is a whole mind/body/heart shift into the recognition of all of creation being varied expressions of Spirit that come from one source energy. This state of consciousness continues to unfold within us deeper in stages.

In Unity Consciousness there is still differentiation but without the density that the illusion of separation often comes with, just like there is still polarity but it is not near as crass, it’s complimentary.

Living as the embodiment of this expanded state of consciousness is not something we wait for the world to attain first, but it is how we bring more compassion, acceptance and understanding as offerings to a world still stuck in opposition.

A shift into this paradigm is done by healing our judgments so that we can walk as the breathing blueprint of Peace incarnate by being at peace within.

Judgment is what fuels denial and denial is one hell of a drug.

Denial is what keeps unconsciousness firmly intact.

Another way of saying this is, to keep a world unconscious is to keep them busy with judgments because judgments not only deter us from healing uncomfortable emotions and facing the fears held inside the judgments, but they also keep us from creating unity within ourselves.

This is why judgments are the primary block to expanding our awareness and becoming more unconditional.

It is important to keep in mind that when we are working with judgment release we are working with the internal polarity first.

If we try to be less judgmental of others without healing our own judgments toward Self, we will end up only suppressing them and carrying more judgments for having judgments and the plot thickens without anyone becoming wiser.

Healing our judgments of Self is how we create true unconditional love. We meet ourselves with compassion and acceptance before we can interact from that place with the world.

Being at peace within ourselves doesn’t mean we need to feel at peace. It means we can allow ourselves to have whatever experience we are having without the added pressure of reacting to it.

When we are in judgment we are taken out of whatever experience we are having to point out how wrong we are for feeling the way we feel or being in the experience we are currently in.

We can see that judgments are inherently tied to a perception of wrongness.

So we can start healing our judgments by asking ourselves a simple question whenever we feel a way we wish we didn’t feel or get lost inside our most unwanted beliefs and thought patterns: “Why is this wrong?”

Although this sounds negatively worded as if we are focused on a belief or feeling being wrong, what this is actually doing is helping us bring us into a state of neutrality about whatever we are experiencing.

When we are able to receive ourselves without the pressure that can sometimes come from either being positive or negatively inclined, we can just ask ourselves “why is this wrong?” in order to discover whatever judgments we hold.

 Sometimes we evolve quicker than our emotions can keep up with and in instances where we want to balance the body with the mind faster than the body is able to process, we begin to get in our own way by judging ourselves.

When we want to feel clarity but instead we feel confused or fearful of what the future will be like instead of happily rooted in this moment, we need to surrender our preference by lovingly asking ourselves “why is this wrong?” to uncover what judgments are lacking our loving acceptance.

This collapses any internal struggle for power we are having within and allows us to nurture our emotions rather than compete with them.

Unity Consciousness is the integration of the masculine and feminine creative energies. When we are able to receive ourselves without fearing that the way we are is wrong, then we can start to soften into the oneness within ourselves that is neither overly identified with the mind nor disconnected from its emotions but is balanced through compassion.

This level of compassion is projected outward without you having to approve of how the world still acts, becoming a doormat for unconsciousness to walk all over, or stepping out of your personal integrity.

This is a state of being that effortlessly emanates on behalf of the wholeness that you are. The more judgments that are healed, the more space is created for liberation and joy.



The Alchemy of the Feminine: Being the Change You Wish to See


(Art: “Samsara” by Ira Ratry)

The alchemical process of being the change you wish to see in the world has a yin and yang (passive and active) component to it. In order to collectively elevate Earth we must understand how vital the role of the feminine is in this play.

The presence of the feminine energy has been largely absent from the equation here on earth. Her power is that of the circle—all encompassing. She is chaos and order, form and formless both at once. She is non-linear and for this she can be feared or seen as magic. She is the stillness that births motion and the static from which the ecstatic springs into life. The feminine energy is here to activate our heart and rise up in balance with the masculine energy to form heart-centered unity consciousness.

The masculine energy is: logic, action, will power, focus, boundaries, intellect, linear.

The feminine energy is: intuition, nurture, compassion, emotions, receptivity, sentience, non-linear.

There must be harmony created between these two forces on an individual level first, in order for it to be available as a living reality on Earth and we are headed in this direction.

We have seen the extent of what a world that is out of balance with its habitat looks like and we have felt the extent of what action without heart can do. When the masculine and feminine forces inside us synthesize together they create heart-centered consciousness, this is where we become the living heart in action.


A mind rooted in the 3rd dimension may perceive turning inward as betrayal to the outside world because our society is heavily production and productivity oriented across the board in all areas of life. We have been trained to intrinsically value what is on the outside while paying little attention to the power that gives birth to the world of form. We go forward on our journey as far as the outside can take us until we realize that the external is an emanation of the condition of our collective psyche and that to place our sole emphasis on changing the outside will only rearrange different versions of the same circumstances we face on all scales of reality.

If our intent is to transmute Earth we will have to become the change we wish to see in all respects of being and not only the outward action based respects. Without internal change we cannot complete the transformation of the individual, thus, the collective. The inner change is where the magic happens.

We are less accustomed to the yin energy. It can be difficult for us to trust in its power as well as uncomfortable to become receptive, open and soft when we have learned to be shutdown and reactionary. When we come from a mind frame of reactivity, we are energetically braced in a stalemate with the state of the world. Our ability to transform the outside is weakened when we become a slave to reacting to it. What is needed is an energy alteration. This alteration comes first through the inner transmutation of the individual.

The feminine force allows us to go inward and open up to receive ourselves at a deeper level. When we travel inward and learn how to nourish ourselves with our own unconditional presence we begin the metamorphosis.

Unconditional presence is the starting point to building unconditional love. If we reach too far too soon, we will overlook true love and mistake it for an endorphin rush. True love is being able to be present with ourselves at our darkest hour. It is about learning how to sit within ourselves no matter what we are going through and fully embrace ourselves in that state consistently and unwaveringly without conditions. When we surrender to ourselves fully, we are sending signals to our heart that we are its keeper, we are safe to be with and that it can stay open.

This daily practice expands our hearts electromagnetic field, which sets off an energetic chain-reaction in our surrounding environment. We begin to generate and share a new coding with the world, one of self-love, connection and care. This love has to be created from within first and not bargained from the outside. This energy emanates stronger in us the more we cultivate unconditional presence and spend more of our time uplifting ourselves and our environment than we are spending in the fear vibration of survival, competition and scarcity where we are energetically overburdened by the weight of the worlds pain and crippled from its frequency rather than altering it.


An illustration of this is similar to a person swimming out in the ocean with the intention of saving someone who is drowning, only to become caught in the same tide and begin drowning next to the very person they were attempting to save. The world needs people who can uplift it without being crushed by its suffering. We elevate humanity by becoming the conscious witness of it and then altering the energy—not spiraling in it.

This doesn’t mean that people who are protesting or informing others against the injustices in the world have to stop, what this means is we pay attention to attuning ourselves as an instrument of healing by bringing heart-centered consciousness into our words, actions, and intentions so that we become living portals into a new way of life. Perfection does not need to be reached in order to start making an impact on our environment, in heart-centered consciousness perfection isn’t even a part of the equation, only a willingness to give your heart the respect and attention you have always been worthy of.

Being the change you wish to see in the world has many forms of expression, sometimes it can be as simple as giving someone else the very act of kindness you have yet to receive yourself. Instead of waiting for the world to always meet us where we are at, this reverses the order and allows us to meet the world where it’s at by consciously choosing to bring in a quality that has yet to be experienced, but can still be offered.

The feminine energy is not one of frivolous escapism. She is the essential element—the foundational puzzle piece inside each of us to birthing a conscious world.

Just Claim it All

firecirclePeople will say you are “too light” if they are not comfortable with the light.

People will say you are “too dark” if they are not comfortable with the dark.

They will say you’re egotistical if they are not comfortable with owning their own power.

They will say you are too spiritual if they are not comfortable with Spirit.

See the pattern here? People are going to say what they will in accordance with their perception. Everyone will have to choose what they value more: the perception of another, or honoring their own self-expression.

We judge others because we judge ourselves, because we were judged by others who were judged themselves… and round it goes.

Many times we unconsciously seek consent from someone else to allow us to grow. What we are innocently seeking is a mirror in the external world to validate what is taking place in our internal world. This isn’t so horrible once it’s demystified. We want permission.

Connection is necessary but it doesn’t have to come at a cost. The underlying fear is that if we lose the approval of those that we rely on for connection, we will be all alone. While this fear is not unwarranted, in reality, we are only denying ourselves our own totality by allowing our expression to be limited by the judgments of others.

Connection is a core need for humans and connection plays a part in why we seek permission. Humans are interdependent, it’s natural for us to want and seek support. Supporting one another is how we will thrive as a collective moving forward. The difference between wanting support and wanting permission, however, is that with permission we are asking someone to give us the green light to do or be whatever it is we believe we need permission for.

It doesn’t help to look at asking for permission as negative, neither is it inherently good or bad. It is just something that helps us until it begins to hinder us. Up to a certain point we can’t continue our growth through someone else’s authority, so we are going to get placed in circumstances where we are denied permission all so that we can become aware that we were asking for permission.

People can spend their entire life unfulfilled by the course of their life choices because of fears relative to accessing their own power. This doesn’t mean we have to compensate for our insecurities by fully immersing ourselves into the ego, it just means we stop avoiding judgment and become conscious of where we placed limitations on ourselves.

Judgment will breed judgment until we intervene with forgiveness. Forgive yourself for needing permission. We humans are innately unique in many ways but some themes are downright universally, underwhelming trite, and this is one of them so don’t give yourself a hard time about it. This world was taught to relate to one another through judgment, fear of shame and lack of depth. We are on the verge of learning a new way of being and that starts with each of us beginning to embrace ourselves in the places that we judged ourselves.

If we really want to be insightful, we could turn inward and see why we choose the people that we do to give us consent in the first place. Ultimately we are giving others the power to give us permission. So why not ask ourselves why we are giving them that power to begin with? Our reasons don’t need to be made out as monsters and demonized but only better understood and empathized with. Whenever we engage our innocence in inquiry, it should always be done with love.

This is the highest form of self-respect we could gift ourselves with because we are reclaiming our power by giving ourselves our unconditional presence without the need to hold others or ourselves in contempt.

When we liberate ourselves we are liberating others through our example.




Waking Up from Awakening


For those of us who are currently experiencing the awakening of consciousness taking place on this planet right now, there are many rabbit holes we can fall down that lead us to believe we are fully conscious and awake when we are really waking up out of one layer of the world dream at a time. No two paths are the same even though there are world issues that affect the collective and information cross intersects.

Any plateau we have become attached to on our journey can create a sort of dogma within us that can act as a repellent toward higher states of consciousness because we may already believe we are at the pinnacle of being “awake.”

Because of this, one of the most challenging trials in the awakening process is being able to cultivate a quality of fluidness so as not to become static in our ever-expanding worldview.

We can take a cue from Mother Nature on how to lean into this one. When it comes to healthy sources of water in nature, rushing water is the cleanest source to drink from because it is full of vitality and momentum. This movement is what purifies the water where as stagnant water from a pond has built up bacteria from its lack of circulation. So too are our egos when we become energetically stuck to our belief systems.


Beliefs can harden us and sometimes even defeat the ultimate purpose of the beliefs by how dogmatically we identify with them. Everyone has their gifts and talents to bring forth for the whole. We are all called to the areas where we can best contribute to the holistic mandala of life that we are co-creating. However, we lose our own range of motion when we get stuck in tunnel vision and let our beliefs create a fortress against a new layer of reality that is reaching out to us. Sometimes righteous indignation against the system can bleed into obsession and we become spiritually exhausted in this manner.

Whatever teachings and information we resonate with now may only be the building of the foundation for larger revelations. Just like an empowering belief on one stretch of the journey may become a limiting belief holding back our expansion on another stretch of the journey. Our vantage point shifts as we are willing to reflect and take inventory of the beliefs that we have out grown that have become limiting.

We are all in different layers of the world dream and the mind tricks itself into thinking it already surrendered the ego as a last ditch effort to avoid another round of surrender. It is afraid of losing its identity because identity equals security. At the heart of the matter we fear the death of our worldview.  The ego isn’t horrible, it’s just attached to what it feels is safe and our beliefs are our safety regardless of whether they are pleasant or not. From a compassionate perspective, the ego is just scared and is fighting to keep its home.


When we go through the process of connecting our consciousness with our heart we see that every leg of the journey is valid and honored as a part of our growth without needing to demean where we came from or currently reside. We can see how each experience that led us up to this point was cultivating our highest evolution and as a natural byproduct of this grace that we give ourselves, we can offer that same understanding to others wherever they may be on their own journey.

That said, it is important to trust that whatever new horizon needs to come our way will find a way to do so and that our part is to remain open and fluid when the time comes for us to climb to the next plateau, but that we also need not force new revelations. The harmonious recognition of  “becoming” and “being” as equal parts of “to be” is the magic to enjoying the three.

Two of Everything



In the thickets of this experience here on earth, it can feel sometimes like we are lost in a forest leaving breadcrumbs for ourselves down different trails as markers to map out our understandings. We don’t always see everything laid out neatly and it takes us a few lessons with laps around the same part of the woods until we can feel that we have developed the necessary insight and clarity to enter a new chapter.

There is a core marker I use as a compass to help me gauge the internal and external reality by recognizing the duality embedded within nature.

If we can observe an instinct, emotion or quality through the lens of having both a positive and negative expression, we can build our discernment in any given circumstance to aid in reclaiming our sovereignty through trusting our inner-sight.

Here are a few examples of how we can use this tool to better understand life:

Desire has a mixed reception for many walking a spiritual path. That’s because so many volatile things have been said about desire. But if we were to take up an unbiased examination of what role desire plays in our life, we would resolve that desire is the spirits wish to experience something. In an unadulterated way, desire is the fuel of existence; a yearning to be. The negative expression of desire takes a turn down the wrong highway and blinds us as unruly cravings that have no end. The ability to be present with ourself or satiated in this form of desire is a losing battle.

Also keep in mind the opposite effect, where we have renounced desire altogether and have a repulsion to the idea of us having desire because we have picked up some spiritual or religious teaching along the way that held desire in a negative light.

To attain the state of desire-less seems to be a desired goal for some.

Ambition runs along the same lines as desire where we hold either positive or negative associations of what being ambitious means.

There is healthy ambition which is self-loving because we are pursuing an aim we wish to achieve. Than there is the Lady Macbeth flavor of ambition, where we are power driven to any lengths or means necessary to posses that which we covet, shameless really.

Even paradox, the alchemical philosopher, has a fractured twin by the name dissonance. It is one thing to observe the paradoxical laws of the universe, and an entirely other thing to have cognitive dissonance.

Another example is judgment and its exalted counterpart discernment, which are both constantly being confused with each other. The struggle has never been more real as when telling judgment from discernment.

Discernment is the intuition of the brain. It is the hard won clarity from learning a life lesson and the transmutation that occurs once the fruit of knowledge has been consumed and fully digested into wisdom. Judgment on the other hand is the egos way of protecting its own superiority or lack of information.

Judgment takes from our past experiences and superimposes them onto the present verbatim. Discernment learns from the past experiences but allows the present to be totally new and work in unknown ways.

Even when it comes to the ego we see the positive and negative attributes inherent. The ego is the equipment that allows us to experience ourselves as a focal point of creation. It is our identity and contrary to many spiritual teachings it is the vehicle we came here to learn to love ourselves through.

However when the ego is inflamed it blocks us from seeing the unity we share with all of creation by over-identifying with its experience of separateness. If the ego goes unchecked, we can become a slave to indulging its limited perspective and molding a tyrannical psyche that perceives any self correction as a threat to its kingdom. This is like a pixel on steroids.

You can shock someone out of trauma and you can shock someone into trauma. Both ways break the self apart in order to reconfigure the physiology.

Humbleness is the surrender to the mystery. It is a state of reverence and awe, even if we don’t always get to that state the way we would like and have to be humbled into humbleness. If humbleness is a companion on your journey, you are in wise company. Yet to chronically see ourselves as insignificant and carry humbleness as a cross on our back—a constant burden to remind us how futile we are. There is nothing enlightening about that. That is spiritual abuse.

Pride is a beautiful emotion to allow ourselves to feel, unless it is the kind of pride that builds walls around ourselves made with feelings of inferiority or superiority; whichever one is being used to avoid vulnerability.

There is a healthy form of fear that protects us by alerting ourselves to immediate danger and than there is the inability to turn off our fear body’s response trigger so that we are chronically shut down in fear on a physiological level. Dancing is one of many medicines we can use to help treat this issue of the hyperactive fear body.

Darkness is usually equated with “unconscious” and “evil”, while light is known as “conscious” and “good”. Yet darkness is also the void. The blank canvas from which creation is brought forth and light can be over favored to the point our relationship to the light accidentally forges an aversion to darkness: the very thing in need of light. This can make our love for the light more theoretical than actual.

I hope I’ve shed some light on the various ways our understandings can get us lost and found—but the consciously optimistic kind of hope. Not the kind of hope where one is desperately burying their head further in the sand in order to avoid facing their inner doubts.

Apply when necessary.

Transcending the Victim/Perpetrator Cycle

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The fragmented nature of this reality means that we experience and learn through contrast and polarity. Every light casts darkness in the form of a shadow. This is also illustrated in the oriental depiction of the masculine and feminine forces: Yin and Yang.

At the crux of this reality, one of the major energetic themes that is being played out both individuality, and collectively is the Victim/Perpetrator Cycle.These two roles so seemingly opposite in their nature and appearance are mirror-reflections of each other in energy and in spirit. Once in the world of matter, they split off and so begins the swinging of the pendulum known as duality.

The Kemetic proverb: “The tyrant is only the slave turned inside out”, captures the essence of this energy expressing itself through severe distortion of role play.

How does the perpetrator relate to his relationship as the perpetrator?

In two ways: The first is the overt expression of the predator energy, where the perpetrator embodies his role as the perpetrator.

His motivation is power. The actions he takes to gain this perceived power are through dominating others.

Be it physically or not, it is the act of overpowering, humiliating, and inflicting pain on another that this energy expresses itself through.

The Overt Perpetrator has an inner-victim and internal oppressor that is overcompensating for its powerlessness by acting outwardly domineering.

This is rooted in trauma, as is the entire victim/perpetrator cycle. Therefore, each individual expression is also rooted in trauma

The second form is the covert method of predator —the shadow-side of the overt predator.

The Covert Perpetrator does not view himself as the predator, he operates from a state of victimhood where he justifies his motives and actions as necessary. This archetype rationalizes their predatory behavior as serving a cause or for self-preservation.

The covert predator is more identified with his inner-victim even though both forms of perpetrator outwardly act from the place of his internal oppressor.

Likewise, the overt and covert victim both outwardly act from their inner-victim.

The Overt Victim is identified with being powerless and helpless therefore cannot be responsible for his life.

Because the overt victim believes he is helpless, he also perceives both the problems and the solutions to his life having to come from outside himself. This constant disempowerment can lead to habitually blaming and praising others for everything created in their world due to holding the belief that they do not have the power to create.

The Covert Victim holds the inverted beliefs of this; he believes everything is his fault. He is mostly identified with unworthiness and worthlessness.

The common denominator that each form of expression shares is that they are all rooted in self-loathing.

The Victim/Perpetrator Cycle harbors unconscious hatred directed at the self for deeply held beliefs of being inadequate. The root cause of this self-loathing is from the deepest wound known to our species: Abandonment —the vague notion held in our collective psyche that we were left behind.

Even though we can be polarized to one of these archetypes, the victim/perpetrator energy takes turns fluctuating so it can be difficult to discern which aspect is being consciously or unconsciously played out. This is because their the same energy and only differ in degree, and the difference in degree means the actions taken to heal the cycle will each be in accordance to however severe of degree the experience is manifested.

For instance, in the case of a large-scale collective victimization of humanity, part of breaking the victim/perpetrator cycle -once the energetic theme is manifested to such a degree of brute physicality- is being able to identify each role in the dynamic and then before it can come to a neutral center point for healing, the victim has to take back their power and refuse to be victimized anymore. This kind of mass catharsis and purging of the victim energy will not look very classy, but is absolutely necessary once its reached critical mass of oppression.

The trick is to not fall into the trap of combative dualism and become the perpetrator thus cycling in the pattern, rather than healing the cycle.

Transcending the cycle:

Albert Einstein couldn’t have been more right when he stated that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

When we are identified as a victim, our ability to create solutions is hindered because those solutions are being generated from the same level of consciousness that the problem was created on.

The cosmic catch-22 here is to honor your wounds by validating them and giving yourself as much unconditional acceptance as you have capacity to give yourself, while simultaneously taking full ownership of your unhealthy patterns and recognizing the parts you have played in these patterns.

The third character in this cycle is the Rescuer. This role can be used constructively, but even this too needs to eventually be integrated. In its exalted form, the rescuer is the aspect of ourselves that retrieves us from this cycle. The rescuer is born out of the necessity to correct this wounded pattern. If we use this character properly, it’s the part of ourselves that dives into the deep seas of our subconscious to observe what trauma imprinting is generating these dynamics within us.

This is alchemy in its truest sense; where we retrieve our abandoned, less desirable aspects that keep us stuck looping, and learn to accept them so unconditionally that we no longer perceive them as undesirable, shameful qualities that need to be buried and hidden, but rather as unpolished aspects of ourselves that we have the power to transmute through our acceptance. This is a radical act of self love. When we nurture this relationship with ourselves, what we are really doing is loving ourselves enough to liberate us from disempowering narratives and meet life as a co-creator.

Knowledge is Power…but why?


CONSCIOUSNESS– The ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place both within oneself, and in the realm in which the self exists and operates.

Why is knowledge power? How does awareness give you more free will?

When a person chooses willful ignorance over obtaining knowledge and becoming more aware of themselves and the world, they do not gain any immunity from their free will choice to remain ignorant. Instead, they leave themselves under the rule of the “General Law” otherwise known as The Matrix. In this level of being, you are bound by all the mechanical laws of this reality. You have no higher consciousness, therefore no higher connection, and you function from a very sleep-like/trance state of mind called somnambulistic, which makes you easily manipulated and gives you no individual fate (fate is tied to persons with a connection to something “higher”). Therefore, you share the collective “fate” of whatever the sleep reality is induced with because you have made no choice with your own freewill to use it to become conscious.

When one utilizes their free will to choose becoming aware, they are protected on 3 fronts:

1) Application: They are actively applying their gained knowledge to make better choices, which ultimately leads to protecting themselves.

A simple illustration of this would be if someone begins to research GMOs. The understanding of this information has led them to seek out healthier quality food sources and now opened up a door to changing their entire outlook on the body and on health. This is applying your knowledge, and is the most basic form of aligning your free will with better choices based on your knowledge.

2) Discernment: A person who chooses to become more conscious, is better able to both utilize and exercise their discernment.

Discernment is the ultimate facilitator of free will and conscious choice. It allows you the foresight to take preventive measures before even encountering troubles, and for the ability to accelerate a persons learning by contemplating and deciphering the deeper meanings in our daily events.

Discernment is our compass in navigating our way through reality. The more you exercise discernment, the more free will you’re accessing because within the use of your discernment is the key to unlocking more options/pathways that once were not available.

Why were those options not available? Many reasons: we didn’t see them, the options were not present because we did not take actions that would have aligned us with those options, we did not have enough awareness at the time to choose them… many reasons.

A common reason is those options were not available because we did not understand enough about the topic/the person/the world-whatever it be-to perceive all of our choices clearer.

Options present themselves when we are conscious enough to recognize them. This requires discernment.

A person who has the awareness to perceive a broader spectrum of options, or rather the quality of their options, can align themselves-through choice-with actions that will bring about the desired results or more modifying and tuning toward the desired aims. But none of these options exist to someone who does not use their free will to seek understanding of themselves and their world.

When consciousness is not present, suffering usually takes its place, and we are given the choice to become conscious by examining the relevancy of our experiences and the events that acted as catalysts to our new understandings, or to cycle in our suffering. Hence the ancient wisdom “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

3) Frequency:
Your level of being is measured in vibrational frequency. The higher your level of awareness rises, the higher your vibrational frequency rises. Then your frequency begins to GUARD YOU. With the choice to gain knowledge and awareness comes the activation of the higher spiritual realms, which we have now connected to through our vibrational frequency “synching up with” them. This resonance, or harmony  between our vibrations and these higher realms establishes a psychic connection that offers protection from negative entities and their harmful intent.

The more one wields their free will toward consciousness, the harder it becomes for negative entities to breach your realm because you are aligning vibrationally with the higher realms that provide more protection and are available to those who use their free will to evolve themselves-no longer making one simply a food source to the synthetic reality.

The negative higher entities can only manipulate our ends to the extent that we are not aware.

Therefore it is within our nonaction-our free will choice to not choose-that our consent for enslavement is given.

This is the cosmic fine print. The universe deals in contracts and clauses and in this free will universe, if one does not choose to observe their free will and act on it toward their sovereignty, then neither do the cosmos observe it. That is how the usurpation of our reality is allowed: Default settings (don’t blame me blame the self-reflecting universe). Thus knowledge is power.

In all of this the very best news there is to take away is: Nature favors the brave. Have heart on your quest for knowledge. Don’t lose faith in the journey if it appears purely negative (unless this is where you currently are in your journey). You will not be left stranded in stardust. The higher realms call out to those who wish to align with them. Trust that this reality can serve you, if you allow it to.

(c) 2014 A Talking Lion